Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

The Williamson Trust was established with the aim of giving pupils from all backgrounds a great education. Our vision is to develop a group of exceptional schools that radically improves our children’s life chances. We have incredibly high expectations and want every pupil within the Trust to have real options, to go to university or follow the career path of choice. 

We aim to build learning communities that are underpinned by traditional values of strong discipline, smart uniform and good manners with the best of modern teaching. We believe passionately that education transforms lives, that there is no ceiling to achievement. We are committed to ensuring the very best for our children in order for them to play a significant part in society. Our aim is to:

  • Provide every pupil with the knowledge, skills, self-belief and motivation to be successful in their learning and lives
  • Build a community based on justice and a sense of personal responsibility
  • Promote courtesy, acceptance and respect for others
  • Welcome, value and respect all who come to each academy
  • Promote dialogue and co-operation with each wider community

Under our Trust motto, Aspire, Achieve, Excel, we expect our pupil’s to work hard be well disciplined, achieve to the best of their ability and take pride in all that they do. We are unrelenting and graciously uncompromising in our approach.  We promote this by ensuring:

  • The highest standards of achievement for all pupils
  • Excellent teaching and learning
  • A challenging and tailored learning journey for all
  • Participation, personal development and well-being
  • Courtesy, respect and self-discipline

At the same time, our Academies offer a caring and supportive learning environment that nurtures pupils' development so that they grow to be positive, well rounded members of society. We strongly believe in aspiring to provide a world class education and we are proud of our pupils.

We firmly believe in a culture of no excuses, and we insist on high standards for staff and pupils. We mean this, we follow it and we refer to it every day because we believe in it.  Every pupil matters, every pupil can achieve, every learning opportunity counts.

We ask parents to commit to our home-school agreement so that they know what we expect of their child. By working in partnership we can jointly ensure that each child makes progress every day allowing them to excel.