Governance and Leadership

The Chairman of The Williamson Trust, Mr Michael Costello is a National Leader of Governance. The Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr Eliot Hodges, is also a National Leader of Education and a qualified Ofsted Inspector.

The Board devolves responsibility for the running of each Trust school to local advisory committees and their senior leadership teams.

The Trust’s approach to school improvement is based on a combination of coaching, CPD and capacity building, and rigorous HR and appraisal processes; with a relentless focus on teaching and pupil progress in order to effect rapid and sustained improvements in outcomes for young people.

We place a particular premium on school-to-school collaboration, whilst at the same time valuing the unique identity and ethos of each individual Trust school.

Become a governor

Outstanding local governance is vital to the success of The Williamson Trust, with numerous Ofsted reports paying tribute to the role played by the governors of our academies.

The Williamson Trust governing bodies carry much of the responsibility for setting the strategic direction of our academies and for monitoring all aspects of performance.

Being a governor is a voluntary position and we are incredibly grateful to the highly skilled group of people who commit their time and expertise to our academies.

We are always keen to hear from individuals who want to become school governors.  To find out more, please contact Mrs A Mitchell, Clerk to the Governors on: 01634 844008 or